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FIDO is a security standard that major device manufacturers have adopted which allows the same security technology to be built into all devices. Users can now securely login to your website without relying on a password. Like WiFi or Bluetooth, FIDO is supported on devices you use every day, like smartphones, personal computers, tablets or smartwatches.

Plus, native support in browsers and platforms means less time and costs in development and implementation, and more time realizing the benefits of simpler and stronger authentication.

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3 easy steps

How FIDO Works For Your Users

Once you've enabled FIDO for your website, your users can log in easily and securely:

Step 2 : Verify

Verify That It’s Your User

FIDO allows you to verify that it's really your customer logging in. You can give your customers several options for logging in. Here are some common FIDO login options:

Facial Scan
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Get Started With FIDO

There is a lot of support for FIDO today!

FIDO standards are free and open for any service provider or enterprise to roll out. Visit to take a deeper dive into FIDO Authentication.

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